Akshat Rathee heads the NODWIN Group of companies and is actively engaged in creating business solutions as well as concepts. He is a computer engineer and holds a business degree from ENPC, Paris, apart from being a prominent fellow of the India Chapter of the prestigious ASPEN Global Leadership Network (AGLN). He has helped bring the global esports phenomena to the country in the form of mega gaming tournaments such as the ESL India Premiership, DreamHack, Mountain Dew Arena and much more.
Under Akshat’s guidance, the NODWIN Group has worked with 36 of the Top-100 companies of India in its portfolio and continues to make remarkable strides in the fields of ideation, consultancy, investment, merchandising, retail, video games, esports, media production, real estate, hospitality and much more.
Akshat is also a prominent member of AIESEC and plays an influential role as an advisor on matters of strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship.
Through NODWIN Gaming, Akshat has helped identify the esports potential present in India. He continues to play an influential role in actively shaping the future of competitive gaming in the country

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akshatrathee/