Business owner by day and esports fanatic by night, Lokesh is literally living his dream! He is Director at Esports Federation of India — the Indian esports federation & Vice President at Asian Esports Federation.With over 20 years of experience, he is an esports Evangelist, Hustler and a Telecom Veteran. Over the years been part of esports, and across different formats and categories of games, he found that the vertical in India is unstructured & Unexplored, which needed to be developed along professional lines – much in the same way that other forms of sports are being developed in the country (be it Cricket, Football or now Kabaddi).

As one of the country’s leading evangelists of esports, Lokesh continues to play an influential role in actively shaping the future of competitive esports in India. He was the man behind India winning the Bronze medal in Asian Games 2018 where esports was a demonstration title. His aspiration is to ensure that the category of esports in India is created and managed in much the same way as it is in countries like the United States, European Union, South Korea and China.

He is the Chief Architect in India who is trying to structure and revolutionize the sport through ESFI, which is the non-profit organization orchestrating esports functioning in India which is still at a nascent state. India is one of the key markets for esports as Indian Online Gaming Community is pegged at around “300 Mn”.